Warranties & Routine Maintenance

All car manufacturers offer some sort of new car, or Manufacturer Warranty.  The components covered and the period of time those components are covered differ depending on the manufacturer.

Many new and used car dealerships offer the option of purchasing an Extended Warranty which covers the vehicle for a period of time beyond the manufacturer warranty.  These warranties are offered by 3rd parties not typically associated with the dealer or the manufacturer.

Both types of warranties require that the car owner perform routine maintenance.  The specific schedules and services to be performed are dependent on the manufacturer or extended warranty company, but are always specified within the warranty.

If your car is covered by a Manufacturer Warranty, or Extended Warranty you’ll need to make sure that you are following the required maintenance schedule to keep your warranty intact.  The good news is you don’t have to take your car to the dealer to have the required maintenance performed.  Scheduled maintenance can be done by any licensed automotive repair facility or even by the owner.  It’s the law.  Having your maintenance done by an independent service & repair facility could save you a lot of money as independent shops tend to be less expensive than the dealer.  Just be sure to keep a record of all your maintenance.  If a warranty issue comes up, the first thing the Dealer or Warranty Company will ask is whether or not you can show that you’ve been performing the required services.

Although you can have your maintenance done by an independent shop, if a covered failure happens while your car is covered under the Manufacturer’s Warranty, the associated repair(s) must be done by the dealer.  However, if a covered failure happens while your car is covered under an Extended Warranty, the associated repair(s) can be done by any licensed repair facility that honors extended warranties.  Just inform the shop that you have an extended warranty when you schedule your appointment and provide warranty contact information when you bring your vehicle in.

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