Steering & Suspension Cameron Park, CA

The steering components of your car allow you to adjust the direction the vehicle is traveling by turning the steering wheel and the suspension components are designed to keep your wheels on the road and provide a smooth ride by absorbing the dips and bumps in the road.

The steering system of your car includes the steering wheel, column, pump, steering gear and linkage.  The steering wheel connects to the steering gear which connects to the wheels via various linkage components.  The pump provides the hydraulic pressure to the steering gear that allows for easy turning.  Components of the suspension system include ball joints, arms, stabilizer bars, bushings, springs, shocks/struts, wheel bearings/hub & tires.

Over time, components of your steering and suspension may wear and need to be repaired or replaced.  Symptoms of problems with your steering and/or suspension include; hard to steer, noise when turning the wheel, rough ride, clunking noise when turning or going over bumps and fluid on the ground.

If you’re experiencing trouble with your steering or suspension, you can count on Foothill Auto Service to give you an honest assessment of the problem and the needed corrective action.

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