Auto Heating & Ventilation Service Cameron Park, CA

Just as your AC system keeps you cool in the summer, your heating system keeps you warm in the winter. Heat is generated by circulating hot engine coolant through the heater core and is delivered via the ventilation system which forces air past the heater core and into the passenger compartment.

Loss of heat, the smell of coolant or steam through the vents and moisture on the floor are all signs of a malfunctioning heating system component(s).  Problems with the ventilation system could result in restricted air flow, the inability to direct air flow, or noise when using your heat or AC.

Electrical problems, vacuum leaks, component failures and low coolant level could all be causes of an improperly functioning Heating and Ventilation system.  If you’re heating or ventilation system isn’t performing properly, give us a call.  We’ll figure out the problem and get your system back in proper working order.

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