Auto Engine Performance & Repairs Cameron Park, CA

The performance of your vehicle’s engine is dependent on proper operation of several other systems and components.  The engine’s mechanical components such as the engine block, combustion chamber, cylinder head(s), pistons, crankshaft, camshaft, timing system and valvetrain must be in good operating order.  In addition, the lubrication, fuel delivery, ignition, cooling, exhaust and electronic control systems must all also be functioning properly.  A failure in any of these areas will impact the performance of your vehicle.

Some of the problems you may experience as a result of poor engine performance include; an illuminated check engine light, decreased fuel economy, misfiring, stalling, hard starting, hesitation, overheating, oil consumption, smoke from the engine compartment or tailpipe.

If your car isn’t running as it should, give us a call.  We have in depth knowledge of the components and factors that affect engine performance.  We also have the skills and experience to properly diagnose the cause(s) of poor performance and make the needed repairs.

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