Engine Mechanical Service Cameron Park, CA

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your car running smoothly.  Changing your engine oil and filter at the recommend intervals and using the recommended weight of oil is critical to engine performance.  Engine oil keeps the engine lubricated and helps to minimize friction.  When engine oil remains in the engine for too long it eventually breaks down, allowing friction to build and causing damage to internal engine parts.  Making sure that your engine’s cooling system is working properly is as important as regularly changing your oil.  If your engine is allowed to overheat, significant internal damage can occur.  Changing your spark plugs and timing belt at the manufacturer recommended interval is also critical in keeping your car running smoothly.

An illuminated check engine light, running rough, low power, deteriorated fuel economy, stalling, not starting, and fluid on the ground are all signs of potential engine trouble.

Whether you’re experiencing problems or simply need routine maintenance, we’re here to help.  We have the knowledge and skills to handle everything from regular service, to complete engine replacements and everything in between.

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