Automotive Belts & Hoses Cameron Park, CA

Belts supply power to various components such as the Alternator, Power Steering, AC Compressor, Water pump and in some designs, the camshaft/crankshaft.  When a belt fails the component(s) for which it is supplying power can’t function.  Hoses carry fluids for various systems.  The Cooling, HVAC, Power Steering and braking systems all rely on hoses to carry fluids for proper system operation.  If a hose begins leaking, or blows completely, the system can’t perform properly.

Belts should be checked regularly for wear and proper tension.  Timing belts should be changed at the recommended manufacturer recommended interval.  If your timing belt fails, your car won’t run.  Also, depending on the design of your engine, a broken timing belt could cause internal engine damage.  Your hoses should also be inspected on a regular basis.  The fluids they carry are vital to the proper operation of your vehicle.

Some signs of problems with your belts and/or hoses include; squealing or chirping noises, fluid on the ground, overheating, no heating, no air conditioning, hard to steer, noise when turning, no start, spongy or sinking brake or clutch pedal.

If you’re experiencing any signs of trouble, or it’s time to have your timing belt replaced, give us a call.

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